Sizing + Shapes

How do I know what size to select?

Our sizing kit includes one of each nail size to fit. Select the shape and length you are interested in and mark down your preferred sizes for future orders. If you are interested in more than one shape/length, then we suggest purchasing a sizing kit for each style as the nail shape and length will have slight variances and may fit differently. Alternatively, you can also measure your nails to find your sizes according to our nail size chart below. Purchasing a full set is also a great option to try all sizes without buying a sizing kit.


How to measure your nails for sizing?

  • Place a flexible measuring tape (in millimeters) over widest part of the nail bed and measure from edge to edge for each nail.
  • For best fit, compare your sizes to our sizing chart to the specific nail shape and length. Then select from the standard sizes that best match for your future orders. If your nails don’t match the standard sizes, don't worry - simply select "custom" and write your preferred sizes in the notes at checkout.
  • Please note sizing may have slight discrepancies depending on nail shape and length.
  • If you are between sizes, it’s best to order a size up as you can always file the nail down to size for a better fit.
  • For designs that include nails with crystals on the whole nail, we suggest that you go up in one size; the resin used to glue the crystals on the nail makes it more rigid with less flex to the nail and therefore fits tighter.
  • Stiletto Sculpted Long and Oval nail shapes fit narrow so we suggest that you go up a size when ordering Pre Sets.
  • Sculpted shapes has a deeper curve and sit higher on the nail, making them not as comfortable on very flat nail beds when applied.
  • Square shapes fit wider so we suggest that you go down a size when ordering Pre Sets.


Pre Set Sizes

Xtra Small: 3,6,5,7,9

Small: 2,5,4,6,9

Medium: 1,5,4,6,8

Large: 0,4,3,5,7



Nail shapes chart best viewed on desktop for accuracy

Nailstylingxannie shape chart



Nailstylingxannie oval short size chart

Nailstylingxannie oval long size chart

Nailstylingxannie square long size chartNailstylingxannie square long size chartNailstylingxannie squoval long size chartNailstylingxannie almond long size chartNailstylingxannie almond xlong size chartNailstylingxannie coffin standard size chartNailstylingxannie coffin long size chartNailstylingxannie coffin xlong size chartNailstylingxannie coffin xlong sculpted size chartNailstylingxannie stiletto standard long size chartNailstylingxannie stiletto long sculpted size chartNailstylingxannie stiletto xlong size chartNailstylingxannie stiletto xlong sculptedsize chart